BP Trial Technology Services can come in at any point to prepare your case.  Whether clients prefer a case to be organized from the beginning discovery stages, or they have a case that only requires trial presentation services, BP Trial Technology Services is ready to integrate into your team.

Full-Team Integration. Visual Advocacy. Flawless Delivery

BP Trial Technology Services provides comprehensive support that spans every aspect of your case. Our expertise in digital case organization, preparation, and presentation is invaluable, helping you navigate the complexities of your case with ease. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect of your trial is overlooked, allowing you to approach each stage of litigation with confidence. BP Trial Technology Services has the ability to seamlessly integrate with your firm. We quickly familiarize themselves with your processes and procedures, becoming an extension of your team rather than an external service provider.

M.D. vs Abbott

(Part of the M.D. v. Abbott team: Chris Porter, Dori Goldman, Bronson Parker, Lonny Hoffman, David Dodds)

Litigation support

 BP Trial Technology partners with the trial counsel and support team directly, and is actively involved in “war room” discussions regarding trial strategy and witness preparation.


Digital Presentation of exhibits

BP Trial Technology uses amazing tailored trial presentation software to cut stress from courtroom presentations and appear effortless.  These software-based solutions reduce the need for accessory hardware.

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